Project Deliverables

OPEC project deliverables due in the first stages of the project are listed below. Deliverables will be made available on completion and submission to the EU.
Deliverable Nos. Name Lead partner Dissemination Delivery date
D2.1 Service level agreements for data access for all partners with My Ocean PML PP January 2012 (M1)
D8.1 Risk register, and process diagram and Gantt chart PML PU February 2012 (M2)
D8.2 Report of kick off meeting PML PU February 2012 (M2)
D1.1 Project Intranet PML PU March 2012 (M3)
D7.1 Project Website PML PU March 2012 (M3)
D2.2 Meta data for the boundary conditions and forcing functions for each region PML PU March 2012 (M3)
D2.5 Report listing meta data for validation data for regional system METU PU June 2012 (M6)
D2.3 Target variables and benchmarking metrics Brockman Consult PU September 2012 (M9)
D2.4 Description of the coupled model for each region METU PU December 2012 (M12)
D6.1 Report on Downstream user requirements Brockman Consult PU December 2012 (M12)
D2.6 Report on reanalysis hindcast skill HCMR PU June 2013 (M18)
D2.7 Hindcast simulation results on webserver PML PU June 2013 (M18)
D2.8 Report on benchmarking the target variables METU PU

June 2013 (M18)


D4.1 Experimental Strategy for assessing seasonal forecast predictability DMI PU September 2013 (M21)
D5.1 Current status of routine monitoring of ecosystem properties in European regional seas PML PU December 2013 (M24)
D3.1 Rolling hindcasts posted on webserver DMI PU June 2014 (M30)
D3.2 Assessment of the skill of the REA indicators OGS PU June 2014 (M30)
D4.2 Assessment of seasonal predictability for indicators of lower trophic levels in all 4 regions HCMR PU June 2014 (M30)
D5.2 Effectiveness of routine monitoring of ecosystem properties in European regional seas DMI PU June 2014 (M30)
D4.3 Assessment of seasonal predictability for indicators of high trophic levels in all 4 regions Cefas PU September 2014 (M33)
D6.2 Upgraded WQASS Brockman Consult PU September 2014 (M33)
D3.3 Report on quantifying model uncertainty and reducing model error OGS PU December 2014 (M36)
D4.4 Recommendations for the implementation of a operational ecological seasonal forecast HCMR PU December 2014 (M36)
D5.3 Recommendations for future monitoring in support of Operational Ecology DMI PU December 2014 (M36)
D6.3 OPEC webdata server PML Applications PU December 2014 (M36)
D6.4 Report on Service delivery including user feedback Brockman Consult PU December 2014 (M36)
D7.2 Volume of OPEC Fact Sheets PML PU December 2014 (M36)
D7.3 Summary report on the inputs from the User Group into OPEC PML PU December 2014 (M36)
D7.4 Roadmap for the sustainable implementation of operational ecology DMI PU December 2014 (M36)
D7.5 Scientific dissemination activities PML PU December 2014 (M36)