Knowledge Exchange in OPEC

Knowledge exchange in OPEC focuses on two-way communication with the broad user community (including scientist, policy makers, managers and other stakeholders) and the public at large.

Focusing on four European regional seas (North-East Atlantic, Baltic, Mediterranean and Black Seas), the products and services generated by OPEC will provide tools and information for environmental managers, policymakers and other related industries, laying the foundations for the next generation of operational ecological products and identification of knowledge / data gaps.

OPEC Fact Sheets

Information sheets describing the key findings and outputs from OPEC research.

Click here to access the suite of fact sheets

Marine OPEC: Operational Ecology tools for European Seas. A short film describing the OPEC project, including a short demonstration of the Marine OPEC data portal

OPEC User Group

As OPEC develops a range of products will become available for use amongst the user community, to ensure these products are relevant and to maximise their use, a group of key representatives has been formed, the OPEC User Group. This group will convene as needed to provide advice and feedback on project development.

Current members include (membership will be expand overtime):