Modelling in the North East Atlantic

Regional summary

The applied North East Atlantic region spans the area from 40˚ to 65˚ North in latitudinal direction (approximately Lisbon to Iceland) and from 20˚ West to 13˚ East in longitudinal direction (Iceland to the Belt). This vast area spans across the entire North West European shelf and ranges from estuarine and coastal waters over typical shelf seas (like the North Sea or the Celtic Sea) to parts of the deep North Atlantic Ocean basin.  The region can largely be described as a seasonally stratified, downwelling shelf sea system with a net inflow of surface waters and a net outflow on the sea floor across the shelf break into the deep Atlantic with a generally anti-clockwise circulation of the North-Sea.

Simulation period: 1990-2013
Models used: POLCOMS-ERSEM
Assimilation method: Ensemble Kalman filter

Forcing: Meteorological regional hindcast from DMI
Contact: Stefano Ciavatta,

Model systems

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Model Skill Assessment

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