Rapid environmental assessment

Through this work error quantified estimates of the state of the ecosystem in the recent past will be developed to provide up-to-date information for environmental management.

The sub objectives are:
  • To make a 12 month rolling hindcast of the lower trophic components of the ecosystem of each region using
    the model system defined in WP2.
  • To assess the skill of each indicator.
  • To evaluate the contribution of data assimilations and multiple models in quantifying model uncertainty and
    reducing model error.

Project Deliverables

D3.1) Rolling hindcasts posted on webserver [month 30]
D3.2) Assessment of the skill of the REA indicators [month 30]
D3.3) Report on quantifying model uncertainty and reducing model error [month 36]

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Project Funding

This collaborative project is funded under the 7th Framework Programme of the European Union