Assessment of ecological monitoring system and data needs for GMES ecological service

Drawing on existing data from FP7, MYOcean thematic assembly centres and various ESA initiatives, we will evaluate the effectiveness of the current data availability for the delivery of operational ecology. By undertaking ecosystem monitoring system evaluation experiments for the planktonic ecosystem, OPEC will make recommendations for the future satellite and in situ monitoring of the system. These recommendations will be feed to relevant bodies including ESA, the GMES Marine Service, the EC, OSPAR, HELCOM etc.

Main objective
To quantitatively assess existing European coastal and regional sea observational networks for ecological parameters and establish the future data requirements.

The sub objectives are to:
  • To record the current status of the existing ecosystem monitoring (both satellite and in situ) in each region.
  • To assess the effectiveness of the current ecosystem monitoring systems in each region.
  • To establish the future data requirements for the operational ecology service and make recommendation for in
    situ data collection and satellite earth observation.

Project deliverables

D5.1) Current status of routine monitoring of ecosystem properties in European regional seas [month 24]
D5.2) Effectiveness of routine monitoring of ecosystem properties in European regional seas [month 30]
D5.3) Recommendations for future monitoring in support of Operational ecology [month 36]

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Project Funding

This collaborative project is funded under the 7th Framework Programme of the European Union