Data Delivery and Downstream Services

The success of the OPEC concept is dependent in being able to deliver information to its stakeholder in a timely and relevant manner. The stakeholder should be able to query and export data, visualise it, download and process it. The economic exploitation of OPEC product by SME’s requires the further development of information products relevant to marine water quality, which are both relevant to the end user and suitable for operational production.

Partners involved with this work will establish the technological infrastructure to disseminate OPEC products and to develop a suite of end user relevant downstream data products.

Our specific objectives are:

  • To setup a web-based visualisation system for the dissemination of OPEC information products.
  • To develop downstream, information products suitable for integration into production chains of SMEs.

Project Deliverables

D6.1) Report on Downstream user requirements [month 12]
D6.2) Upgraded WQASS [month 33]
D6.3) OPEC webdata serve [month 36]
D6.4) Report on Service delivery including user feedback [month 36]

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Project Funding

This collaborative project is funded under the 7th Framework Programme of the European Union