Knowledge Exchange

Knowledge exchange is the facilitation of the dissemination of research-based knowledge, expertise and skills between the project and the users of its results (e.g. Policy makers, advisory bodies, research managers, conservation and user groups, management bodies, all at European, regional and national level).

Our specific objectives are:
  • To make cooperative links with the MCS.
  • To develop strategies, frameworks and tools to transfer knowledge acquired during OPEC to user communities.
  • To coordinate user inputs to OPEC through meetings of a User Group.
  • To facilitate knowledge outreach using web-based tools and printed documents.
  • To disseminate OPEC science achievements

Project deliverables

D7.1) Project Website [month 3]
D7.2) Volume of OPEC Fact Sheets [month 36]
D7.3) Summary report on the inputs from the User Group into OPEC [month 36]
D7.4) Roadmap for the sustainable implementation of operational ecology [month 36]
D7.5) Scientific dissemination activties [month 36]

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Project Funding

This collaborative project is funded under the 7th Framework Programme of the European Union