Monitoring Networks

Marine biogeochemical monitoring is a key element towards achieving an operational approach of ecosystem-based management. The observations are used in many ways from assessing marine environmental and ecological status to calibrating and validating model and satellite data, Effective marine monitoring is essential in our quest to understand and ultimately manage marine resources.

Considering the high cost of marine biogeochemical monitoring, it is extremely important to assess and improve the efficiency of the existing monitoring networks.

Research carried out during the OPEC project provides a preliminary quantitative assessment of the existing biogeochemical monitoring networks in Baltic, NW Shelf and Mediterranean Sea. The goal of this activity was to make recommendations for future European Sea biogeochemical monitoring networks required for the successful implementation of Operational Ecology (OE).

Summary of recommendations

  • A list of feasible OE applications and benefits by using existing monitoring and data infrastructure has been created
  • Recommendations on the potential optimisation of the existing monitoring and data infrastructure for future OE application improvements
  • To meet the requirements of data assimilation for reanalysis, a list of research priorities is given in order to fully exploit the benefits of using the existing monitoring and data and to optimise future monitoring and data infrastructure for the purpose of improving the variety of OE applications
Full details of the recommendations made are available here