Kostas Tsiaraa | HCMR

Area of Experise: Model developer

Summary of experience | Kostas is a research scientist of HCMR / Institute of Oceanography since 2001. He has an MSc in Physical Oceanography from the University of Athens (2000) and a BSc in Physics (1995), and his scientific interests focus on numerical modelling of biogeochemical processes and hydrodynamics. While in HCMR he participated in several multi-disciplinary EU and national programs (e.g. MFSTEP, POSEIDON-II, INSEA, SESAME, ECOOP, MEECE). He has 6 refereed journal publications and 8 in conference proceedings.

Role in OPEC | Kostas will work on the model development in the Aegean Sea.

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This collaborative project is funded under the 7th Framework Programme of the European Union