Heather Cannaby | METU

Area of Experise: Model Developer (Higher/Lower Trophic level) and Model Skill Assessor

Summary of experience | Heather worked previously at the Irish Marine Institute investigating the impact of climate change on Irish marine systems and at the National University of Galway, Ireland, supporting the production and validation of operational model products for the NE Atlantic.  Since joining IMS-METU Heather has performed down-scaled climate scenario model runs for the Black Sea within the framework of the EU FP7 programme MEECE. She has also assessed the implications for model performance of regional down scaling of modelled wind field through the realisation of relationships to QuickScatt data. 

Role in OPEC | Within OPEC Heather will be developing the LTL model for the Black Sea.

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This collaborative project is funded under the 7th Framework Programme of the European Union