Dr Baris Salihoglu | METU

Area of Expertise: Model Developer

Summary of experience | Baris joined METU on January 2007 after his PhD in USA and post-doc in CNRS-France. Assistant Professor since June 2009. His research interests include studying processes controlling the food web dynamics and biogeochemical cycles, the role of micro- and mesozooplankton as a link between the first and the higher trophic levels, and the biogeochemical consequences of climate change. He is the PI of several national and international projects that focus on a diversity of regions and topics. He is part of the MYOCEANS and MEECE projects where he works on understanding the functioning of the Black Sea ecosystem under changing environmental and climatic conditions using retrospective data analysis and an interdisciplinary modelling approach.

Role in OPEC | Baris will be leading the work of WP2 developing the next generation model setup and benchmarking as well as coordinating the input of METU to OPEC.

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This collaborative project is funded under the 7th Framework Programme of the European Union