Dr Stefano Salon | OGS

Area of Experise: Operational management and model results vs data comparison

Summary of experience | Stefano was awarded a PhD in Applied Geophysics and Hydraulics from University of Trieste in 204. He has experience in the management of the modelling system for the operational forecast of the Mediterranean Sea biogeochemistry (project MyOcean), analysis of turbulent boundary layers with geophysical applications by means of Large-Eddy Simulations, climate studies of the Mediterranean Sea biogeochemistry (project SESAME), use of Grid technology for oceanographic applications (project DORII), dynamical downscaling of IPCC scenarios on the drainage basin and ecosystem of the Lagoon of Venice (project CLIMA/DPSIR).

Stefano is a member of the Academic Board of the School of Doctorate in Environmental and Industrial Fluid Mechanics, Univ. of Trieste.

Role in OPEC | Stefano support to OGS activities, in particular for 1990-2010 hindcast simulation (WP2) and REA experiments (WP3).

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This collaborative project is funded under the 7th Framework Programme of the European Union