Dr Jun She

Area of Expertise: Ocean modelling and forecasting, Optimization of observational networks

Summary of experience | Jun is currently the Deputy Director for Research at the Centre for Ocean at Ice (COI) at the Danish Meteorological Institute and a member of the MyOcean Board.  Jun She achieved a PhD in climate dynamics in 1991 and has expertise in wave modelling, regional marine climate modelling, 3D ocean modelling, optimal observing system design and regional oceanography cooperation.  Dr She is involved in a number of other EU projects including being the Coordinator of projects ODON (Optimal Design of Observational Networks) and YEOS (Yellow Sea Observation, forecasting and information System).

Role in OPEC | Jun will build up a seasonal forecasting strategy (WP4), lead of activities of WP5 (Assessment of ecological monitoring system and data needs for GMES ecological), build a MyOcean user group (WP7) and coordinate the DMI contribution to the project.

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This collaborative project is funded under the 7th Framework Programme of the European Union